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Rocky Frisco
PHOTO BY Teresa Gross of TeeBabe Productions

The Rockster

Rocky Frisco

It comes with a heavy heart to deliver the news that Rocky Frisco passed away on May 27th, 2015.

Please view his Facebook page for updates and to write memories.

Unfortunately, we cannot access Rocky's Facebook page so any new friend requests will be unable to be accepted.
Rocky's family has given me permission to continue to maintain his website.

RIP, Rocky Frisco.

- Michael W. Lasota

Does anyone remember Rocky's Pringle's commercial? It was titled: "Pringles Screamin' Dill Pickle - The Most Valuable Seasoning" and recorded as part of their new flavour line of chips/crisps. For your entertainent, and to remember Rocky.. here it is!

Download the video here: Download 16.5MB

Rocky sings "Have I Got the Blues 4 U" from the movie, "Red Dirt on 66, a Road Movie; The Director's Cut"

Buy Rocky's songs online

Rocky with Dan's Skylane

photo by Jai Rogers

Billy Bob Thornton and Rocky Frisco

Billy Bob Thornton and Rocky Frisco

Billy Bob Thornton and Rocky Frisco sitting on the old bench behind Cain's

Billy Bob Thornton and Rocky Frisco sitting on the old bench behind Cain's

Marina Orlova, my favorite philologist

Beth and I drove to Kansas City on Monday, August 27th for a John Hiatt concert. The opening act was a very pretty lady named Samantha Fish. Her voice had nuances of Bonnie Raitt and Gus Hardin, and when she sang softly, Norah Jones. No mistake, she has her own, very distinctive, voice, without borrowing anything from anybody else. I looked for the guitar player for a second, then realized she was the only guitar player on stage. Samantha could walk onstage with Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page and trade licks with them without a minute of rehearsal. Both her singing and playing are fully world-class, fully developed and inspired. When you add them together, all coming from this one young lady, the result is overwhelming. Her website says she has been playing guitar for about seven years. There's no other rational conclusion: Samantha is a miracle. I want to get her to Tulsa as soon as possible. Samantha has lots of songs on Youtube. Treat yourself!

Samantha Fish, Rocky Frisco and Beth Field

Carrie Underwood and Rocky

Carrie Underwood and Rocky Frisco

Kevin Phariss and Rocky

Rocky Frisco and Kevin Phariss at Rocky's Hall of Fame Induction

Lata Gouveia and Rocky

Rocky Frisco and Lata Gouveia during the filming of Red Dirt on 66: A Road Movie

Rocky in September 2008

Rocky and Li'l Tee

Rocky Frisco and Li'l Tee

Rocky and Tom Skinner

Rocky Frisco and Tom Skinner play at Utopia in Tulsa

Lata's new movie, the trailer.

My absolute favorite song of all-time
and the list includes Gershwin, Pink Floyd, Cheryl Crow and Hanson

Circle Theater


Rocky Frisco at Rentiesville Blues Festival 2007

Rocky's report card

Rocky's recommended links:

Rocky's Listing at the Internet Movie Data Base

Click here to see a brief history of
Rocky's musical career, so far...


Rocky's Shops at CafePress
Rocky Frisco and The Luggage Products

My Favorite Online Daily Cartoon


Following photos taken at Exit 6C by the late, great Glenna Eisert

Rocky Frisco & Steve Pryor

Earl Hickey and his brother, Randy, played by
David Teegarden and Steve Pryor, plus Jana & Rocky

Jana & Rocky

Jana, Rocky, Jesse Aycock, Scott Aycock & Steve


Rocky Recommends
The Absolute Best Web-Based News Service in the World

A Daily Synopsis of Liberty-related World News

Rocky's Tribute to Flash Terry

Rocky with Eric Clapton and JJ Cale in Concert
at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas
With Bill Raffensperger at the far left.

Kokopelli is sitting in on flute on Rock's piano, just
above and to the left of a libertarian bumper sticker.

Rocky Appears in Books and Films

Rocky's new car projects


Rocky at the Country Fever Festival

Rocky plays piano at the Country Fever Festival


Rocky's Cars

The Luggage and the Victor MG Special

Rocky and 4-legged Friends on Exmoor, England
With the Sea in the background

Rocky and The Luggage
The Luggage
The Luggage and his new Trailer

The Luggage

Rocky with the JJ Cale Band

On Tour in Colorado, August 15 - 24, 2002

JJ Cale Live CD w/Rocky on piano

JJ Cale's CD's

Click here for Rocky's eBay Auctions


The Red Dirt Music Page

Rocky Racing in the 1960's

Rocky's Cousin, "Lick" Licklider,
the Father of the Internet
No, it's not Al Gore.

Jimmy Gordon's CD
Harmonica Wizard with the JJ Cale Band

Rocky and Willie

Luggage Pictures without the logo on the doors.

RACCOON and Raccoon

"Raccoon" is Rocky Frisco's nickname, has been for many decades.

He now has the Oklahoma vanity plate, "RACCOON," on his MG Special,
otherwise known as the "Tupperware Dragon."

It's a 1981 Victor TF-1, a turnkey car from the Victor Motorworks,
Powertrain, suspension, brakes, electrics, etc. are all from a late 70's MGB.
The bodywork, a fiberglass exact MG-TF replica, and the MGB components are
all mounted into a special Victor Factory steel frame, trimmed with the bits
from an MG-TF donor car. The car has been repainted in baby blue.


More Mini Stuff

The Wee Beast gets his suspension tweaked at
Stephens Brothers Racing

Minis and Kiddies Love Each Other


Click on Image Above to go to Snorty's Web Page

The Latest Snorty cartoon from!

This Week's SNORTY Cartoon

Just one of the many Snorty cartoons from!

A Random SNORTY Cartoon from the Past

Frank Keating, formerly the Governor of the State of Oklahoma,
With Rocky and The Luggage

Me Too, Mister Heston.
My "Cold Dead Hands."

I recently received the following emailed rebuttal of this section of the page
from somebody named Adrian Sayers.

Adrian Sayers wrote:


Here's the reply I sent him by email

Why send this nonsense to me? I'm not the fool who prevented them from defending their lives.
Those people died because they were unable to defend themselves. They had no weapon to stop the murders.
They were, every one of them, disarmed victims because of Gun Control.
Gun Control disarms victims; it does not disarm murderers; murderers do not obey Gun Control laws.
When will you idiots wake up?
You are dealing with humans, not theories. Gun Control does NOT work in the Real World.
I'm a vegetarian; that's how far I take my own personal unwillingness to commit violence.
Armed citizens prevent violence; disarmed citizens are powerless against violence.


The Victor's New Colours